Our philosophy.

How can we, insecure creatures of habit, be expected to satisfy our social curiosity in a place where we know no one and have Netflix? Sixish is designed for this explicit purpose, to push people over that nagging edge of doubt by slapping them in a bar with four to eight other strangers. Not ready for that level of uncertainty? Bring your friends, bring your partner, bring your grandparents for that matter! Sixish is user centric and designed for all ages over 21. We have realized that people seldom know what they really want when it comes to love and friends. So sure bring your grandma because she will probably end up telling the best stories. And next time you're sitting alone with that persistent curiosity of “What's out there?” hop on Sixish and find out.

How it works.

Four simple steps to finding your adventure.

1. Login or Sign up.

Login or create your account in seconds.

2. Invite your friends.

Hit the search tab and decide if you want to search solo or with your friends.

3. Press search.

After deciding on location and time press search.

4. Let us work our magic.

Kick back while we find your party and tell you where to meet.


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